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anyone try this system? I have heard good things about it. I think we can recreate this. Not sure if I can pose ingredients or the site here. It is a multi-stage process . Not sure it is anything other than exfoliation, HA and lipids.

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Just checked it out, looks pretty interesting.  I'm sure someone will be along to answer, as I'm not good at duplicating anything.  The pictures sure looked good.


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Did you notice that they change the size of the mouth in the photograph? They use different magnification.

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Ha ha, and not only that! I can change de fullness of my lips from a minute to other, if I want to.


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I am not saying that the "treatment" does not help. My point is that when people use tricks, I stop believing them.

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Hello, everyone.  This is a very old thread, and I'm a very new SAS forum member, but I was searching this site to see if anyone knows the ingredients in the Lips2Kiss products.  I can't find them on their site, and I'm thinking they must be there, somewhere.

I'm totally interested in making my own skin care products, and I've been lurking for a few days, still totally confuzzled , but I shall persevere and keep reading.


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Registered: 11/10/06
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No idea -- I've never heard of it. To start, post the ingredients. I'll bet SAS has some worthy substitutes for the active ingredients.

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Hi, Girlpaint.  Thanks very much for responding.  Actually, the ingredients list seems to have been kept secret for a while (maybe something to do with patenting) and isn't even on the product packaging, but here's what I got from the Lips2kiss website.   They're very popular products, get good reviews, and I was just wondering what some of the skin actives knowledgeable folks on this forum thought about  a DIY formula.

Lip Cream
Deionized Water
Hyaluronic Acid.
patented Lipo-filler,
Natural Extracts...
Vitamin B5, for cell growth renewal
Vitamin E / Tocopheryl Acetate, for its healing, anti-oxidant and protecting abilities.
Vitamin C / Ascorbic Acid, to protect the lips’ capillaries and help build collagen.
Sodium PCA, naturally occurring in human skin for increased skin elasticity and softness.
Citric Acid, derived from citrus fruit, helping to maintain a proper ph balance.
Squalene, Plant source found in olives, has been known to be the closest comparable ingredient to human sebum, providing softness while replacing necessary oils.
Emollients, serving as anti-inflammatory agents

Liquid Gold
Botanical Lipid Complexes,
Oil Soluble Vitamin E
Oil Soluble Vitamin C
proprietary botanical blend, plant complexes - Anti-Wrinkle and Anti-Irritation.
lipid complexes similar to the lipids in our own skin

Lip Exfoliant
licorice extract
marine seaweed extract
balm mint extract
Linden flower extract


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She sells a variety of things and does get good reviews. However, she won't post all of the ingredients and hides behind the "patented" or proprietary excuse. She keeps things vague.

I bought her serum for above the lip lines and it was okay--I ended up getting fillers for the lines above my lips and they are invisible now. She was good about checking in to see how things were going. I ordered from her before I knew about SAS. Everything is pricey as well, a bit more than SAS products.


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