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True, everyone's skin is different.
The dye laser is supposed to be good for redness.
I had two treatments and all it did was make my face really swollen.
IPL has a lot less side effects.
No bruising, no swelling.
Synergy laser is a combination of YAG laser and dye laser.
It didnt help my skin at all, at a very high level.
It caused a little bruising.
Photoderm was the best.
One time cleared my redness and caps.

I have been using the sea kelp as a mask.
It really works well.
ELS also helps. I have just ordered LMC so I cant wait to see how that works.
Good luck!
SAS products are great so keep trying!

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Hi Gabriella!

I would assume the bay area would be a mecca for excellent physicians considering the top-notch medical programs in the area.

Have you tried doing a physician search on ? Or I would consider contacting one of the medical programs for dermatology in the area and asking who is considered the local rosacea expert (or if someone is actively involved in clinical research). Just a thought....

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