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I've been using the Let's Make Collagen serum every night.  (By the way - the serum quartet was the best money I've ever spent.  Honestly, four big bottles of serum for under $10 each?  I feel like I'm ripping you guys off!)  I carefully put it on the lines around my mouth, on my forehead lines and then under eyes.  Then I get messy and start putting it on everywhere and then rub a big dollop on my lips, around my mouth and up to my nose.  It doesn't taste that good, but after it dries I'll slather on some anti-oxidants and then seal it all in with that Lip Fusion XL that everyone seems to have on hand.  I swear my mouth is poutier and I don't have any more lip lines!  At all.  I just ordered the lip collagen so I can do it properly, but the serum alone works great.  Just make sure you put something emollient on top because it can feel a little drying by itself.  Has anyone else tried this?

I think the reason why everyone likes the Lip Fusion XL is because the hyaluronic acid gives immediate gratification and the collagen plumps over time.  I'm looking forward to Skin Actives lip collagen because it has other goodies in it.

Hannah, the Lip Fusion people say their product works because their collagen is really small so it can penetrate the skin like injections but without the needles.  Is that a load of you-know-what?  Thanks.

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You raise some very good questions and I don't think I can answer them because a proper answer would require research that would be too expensive to do.

I think the hyaluronic acid is broken down and used as building blocks. The other actives will stimulate synthesis of proteins and more. Whatever the mechanism, it works. I think that the theory that skin (and lips) are not getting enough "stuff" from the blood stream is true, and our products make up for that deficit.

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