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I read awhile back on this forum that someone asked about this active. They had mentioned that Aloette and Diane Young sold a product in each of those lines that contained belides (white daisy extract).


I purchased the Aloette Lumitone serum last year and I have to say that it lightened/brightened my skin better than either the niacinimide or arbutin actives that I've purchased. The Lumitone serum also contains arbutin, but maybe it's the combination of both the belides and arbutin that does the trick. I saw an improvement within 2 weeks of daily use.


I would love to be able to purchase this active from you - I plan to do some major formulating when your serum becomes available.




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I have been asked about Belides before. This is the trade name for an extract of daisy flowers. There is only one article on this active and it is in an industry magazine, written by the people who sell it. Nothing wrong with that, but it is really hard to know whether there is something real in this extract.

Anybody else has something on Belides?

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