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I have found that I still can't use CHAS at full strength. I didn't realise it has Niacinamide in it. I put N in almost everything I make, in moderation, of course. If I use something too harsh for my skin, the reaction may not show up right away... If my skin is compromised, sitting in front of the computer for a long time will flare it right up.

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I don't think niacinamide will do that. Why do you think it is niacinamide?


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I think I saw somewhere on the rosacea forum (this website) that it can cause irritation for rosacea.  I can't remember exactly where, because I read through all the posts in two days!

I have since gone through all the products I use from SAS and narrowed it down to these ingredients that could be the factor:  magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, niacinamide, carnitine, ferulic acid, hesperidin methyl chalcone, glutaredoxin, SOD.

OR, layering the CHAS and Rosacea Control Serum together caused my itchy flare.

What do you think?

Cathy=) *Rosacea*

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Until I started using the anti-inflammatory cream about 5 months ago, my skin would flare constantly.  It could be sun, dry skin, products, etc.  I also have allergies so it was difficult to tell if it was rosacea or allergies. If your skin is like mine, it may be hard to find the exact cause.

I can use CHAS now without a problem but I put the anti-inflammatory cream on top of it.  On days when I have been in the sun (even though I use SPF), I try to use the gentle products like anti-inflammatory cream and a moisturizer.  I only introduce something new about every 6 weeks.  I can use LMC, CHAS, MNS, ELS, BKRW, and the anti-inflammatory cream without any problems with my rosacea.  I still believe that the anti-inflammatory cream has been my "magic bullet".  I use that twice a day.

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