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I'm new to Skin Actives but lovin' it so much!  I feel incredibly empowered to help myself and my family.  That being said, before I buy and create this cream I wanted feedback.  My father's had atopic dermatitis since he was 9 and he just turned 67 a few weeks ago.  His skin is discolored with patches of white/vitiligo mixed with brown.  He's actually changed color so that at one time he was his normal complexion similar to the actor Will Smith but now his skin color resembles Wesley Snipes (google for images b/c it's pretty dramatic if your unfamiliar with the two actors).  He scratches all the time and he cuts his skin pretty often if he doesn't keep his nails short.  So, I've created a cream of the following ingredients = ELS + Anti-inflam cream + dream cream summer formula as my base.  Actives = bisabolol + willow bark extract + D3 + antioxidant booster + collagen serum + chrysin + B3.  I'm making a Mag Asc Phos oil that's infused with anti-inflammatory herbs specifically for atopic dermatitis for night time use, 2-3x/wk.  Any thoughts on the mixture?  The 3 bases provide many of the things he needs & the actives are missing from the bases but are important.  Thanks for your feedback.  Iris
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