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I looked it up and Olay Regenerist is more expensive as I thought ($18 for 1.7 oz.) The silkiness is because of the silicones, and that is really nice, but it is not useful to the skin (except as protection), i.e. it is not an active.


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the only other thing i like about silicones, besides the texture, is that they are supposed to be good waterbinding agents that hold up well even when exposed to water...i definitely can live without it but i just love the texture!!  being the pain that i am if i add some silicone product to the sea kelp i wonder if i would get a similar texture?  thanks for your patience with my questions hannah!  oh, and yeah, i knew the regenerist was quite highly priced...that is why i wanted to sort of create an improved version of it with your products..i was lucky and got some on clearance at target for eight bucks!

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What is a serum?
I have found that different manufacturers have completely different ideas about this.
It's usually more potent actives and nutrients to be applied directly onto skin before a more simple moisturizer, or a thicker more occlusive one .
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