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DMAE bitartrate is the bitartrate salt of DMAE.
DMAE itself is very hard to deal with unless it is chemically 'stored' in this way.

When dissolved in water, cream, or gel the DMAE and the bitartrate dissassociate. Leaving the active DMAE molecule freely available.

DMAE is not a chiral molecule thus does not have D and L (+/-) forms. The chirality of the DMAE bitartrate salt comes from the bitartrate which is not in itself active for skin care purposes.

There is some controversy as to the effect that chirality (the property that some molecules have of being present in two mirror images) may have on the skin care properties of some aspects. While others may differ in their view we do not believe that the DMAE bitartrate  chirality  has any effect on the properties of the active.

We welcome your compliments and hope to learn from your criticism.
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