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I recently got a sample of Mama Lotion (10% mandelic and 10% malic acid) so decided to incorporate it into my routine. I was applying it every other day at bedtime under the anti-inflammatory cream. I would normally steer clear of alpha hydroxy acids but the company claims those ingredients can be beneficial for rosacea.

At first, it seemed to go well. It stung for only a few seconds, and my skin was actually looking toned and smooth. After a few times, it started stinging more and longer so I stopped using it about a week ago. Since then my face has looked more red than usual and there is a mild burning sensation (like sunburn). I am not using much of anything on my face now except anti-inflammatory cream, rosehip seed oil and a physical sunscreen.

Just a suggestion to all of you that if your routine is working, stick with it!!! And if you want to add something, go slowly. My face was looking pretty good and now I've thrown it out of whack. Hopefully I can restore it to its former beauty!!! : )


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It is human nature to get bored and look for novelty.

As they say, experience is to recognize a mistake when repeating it.

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Ugh, I don't know how many times I've done this--including right now.  And it takes so long for my skin to heal and go back to "normal".

I will say that Emulator oil (and ELS too, I'd imagine) helps tremendously with the healing.  I thought it was my imagination the first time, but it's not!  It does something special.  I apply it to my damp cheeks first (that's my trouble area right now), then dampen again and apply a few drops of it mixed with Canvas or European cream.  I can't handle my usual Anti Inflammatory right now, everything burns or stings, and I'm sometimes itchy.  I look like one big rash.   

Cathy=) *Rosacea*
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