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Cleanse skin . Apply pumpkin peel , let dry completely, steam face for five minutes.Remove peel with a damp cloth. Make a mixture of creamy cleanser and horsetail powder.Massage into skin paying particular attention to the middle of the face for 5 minutes, rinse very thoroughly. Apply your favorite SAS treatment. Divine!

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Discipline, how long do you keep the enzyme on? I thought it is a good idea to keep it not less than 15 minutes. Also, how many times a week do you guys use it?

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Hi Kira,
Yes by all means leave it on for at least 15 minutes. Your skin may tingle somewhat after the horsetail massage I find a soothing toner helps to settle that sensation and it also helps to clean all the horsetail off.

Once or twice a week depending on your skin. It is important to exfoliate before a mask to increase absorbtion.
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