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Hi everyone,

I just purchased my first few items, the Collagen Serum, Antioxidant Serum and Night cream. However since it has been very cold here, I'm having a bit of trouble with eczema on my cheeks.

Are any of the serums/creams I ordered contraindicated while I still have it? I seem to tolerate all of them, only the Collagen Serum burns a little - I am allergic to birch pollen and I see it has Betulinic Acid in it, could it be the culprit? On the other hand I have used oils with Birch extract in them before and never had a problem, also, even water burns on my skin at the moment, so that doesn't say anything.

I've been moisturizing with rose hip and jojoba oil, any other ideas?

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I think I would just use the rosehip and jojoba for a few days to see if the cheeks calm down. It just depends on your skin if the 3 new products will irritate it or not. Collagen Serum has the most actives in it, so maybe try avoiding the cheeks until they feel a little better? 
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