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No, I have not been able to get the extract (yet!) but, in the meantime, you can buy some tea bags:

Make an infusion with a tea bag just as you were preparing yourself a tea. When it cools down completely  you can apply it to the face.

More information on the herb:

Anthemis tinctoria L. a.k..a. Chrysanthellum indicum (golden chamomile).
It is very common for a plant to have more than one botanical name. Plants may be renamed  if, after a lot of research it is found out that they  do not belong to the group where they were put in the first place.

Because there are some reports of benefits to rosacea skin, I will keep looking for a suitable extracts (those I found so far are mostly propylene glycol and water).


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Great news. I am looking forward to it, and feel so confident you will only settle for a good extract. Thanks!
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