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     I am pretty excited about trying the rosacea control serum. I have had rosacea forever, but it has been the milder erythematotelangiectatic. In fact when I was very young, I used to say that I was allergic to my own sweat. Any time I was warm enough to sweat, I would have major redness, itching, burning, swelling, etc. I have had the occasional papule and have some permanent bumps on my nose as well as some thickened skin near my nose.
     My Seb. Derm. is around my nose, corners of my mouth, eyebrows,  and on my scalp. I am hoping to get my face cleared up some, so I can address some of the aging issues, as well as my hopes that it will calm down the eye issues. I think that I am progressing now into stage two and as I do, the ocular thing cropped up at the same time. It continues to get worse despite cyclosporine drops (restasis).
     As far as skin care goes, I seem to have fewer problems than many here, but I run in to lots of problems and many things either have a negative impact on the rosacea or the seb. derm. I am going to include a few of the items that bother me below and wondering if they bother others with both problems?

The only real food issue I have noticed is sugar snap pea's. I think they cause a flare.


Witch hazel


Roc multi correction-although prescription retin-a was fine. I think the Roc may have initially caused the disease to start progressing and spread to my eyes.

Metro Gel didn't seem to help, it just left me dry and flaky.

Things with strong mint, like toothpaste and dental floss.

Alpha hydroxy acids in even minute amounts, but I can use beta hydroxy acids?

I am very reactive to some scents, although they usually are more likely to cause an asthma attack.

ANY type of chemical  sunscreen causes intense burning, and even the titanium in physical sunscreens burn my eyes. The zinc in physical sunscreens is great for my skin as far as it being drying, but that same dryness is really hard on my eyes.

Heating and air conditioning cause severe eye irritation for me. I have to wear sunglasses all the time now and wear goggles with a foam rubber seal around the edges at night to prevent drying. Despite that and cyclosporine drops, I still have to physically peel my lids away from my eyeball when I wake up in the morning.

Vitamin C in any product.

So that is where I am starting from. I pretty much ignored my face until my eyes started to be involved. That you can't ignore. I thought I had eye infection because, it started almost overnight. As well as redness, dryness, swelling, I have foreign object feelings, constant blistering on the lids, styes, small tumors where the glands are plugged, loss of lashes and my lashes have started turning white. I now know that optical issues can cause vision loss if not treated with Oral medication, so if you think you might be starting to have eye issues, see your eye doctor!

I will be ordering my actives and will keep you all posted.


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