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I am a newbie with rosacea and very sensitive skin and would like some ideas about how to experiment with these wonderful products.  There are so many choices and I have to go slowly to test each product and try each for about  3-7 days before adding more. This is my plan so far, but I welcome feedback and ideas.  I am up to step 4 and so far, my skin is  dramatically improving with no ill effects.  I want to trade off "potions" and not use the same thing every day, once I get everything cleared for takeoff. I also need a moisturizer as well. Once I get the redness cleared, I want to tackle the fine lines. Thanks to all...

1. Canvas base cream alone
2. Sea kelp bioferment alone,   then + detergent (to wash)
3. Canvas base  +
4. Anti-Inflammatory cream

5. Base + licorice
6. Base + niacinamide
7. Combine base +  licorice + niacinamide +
4-Ethoxybenzaldehyde (Should I combine  2 only before 3?)
8. Base + EGF
9.  ???


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The canvas base is moisturizer. If you have dry skin, you might want to try Hannah's new European base for a moisturizer.

I noticed that you are using the anti-inflammatory cream (my favorite).  I believe it has licorice in it.  I don't think step 5 will be adding anything into your program because you are already using it.  Hannah currently uses the regular canvas base for a lot of her creams.

I have rosacea and I have been sticking to Hannah's ready made formulas. I use LMC, ELS, CHAS, Rewind, and MNS for anti-aging.  I had these products of a few months. I rotate them and I change when the weather changes, etc.  At first I added a products for several weeks before I determined if it worked.  Everytime I order I get something new to try.

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