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I have oily skin but it gets dried out really easily.  Blotchy red skin and i breakout really really easy.  My skin is uneven and i have an orange peel look.  I want to try these products but i dont know where to start.  I just started v-beam treatments and i go for my second treatment Friday.  I have rosacea all over my face even above my eyebrows, ears and down my neck and chest.  My neck and chest is the most embarrasing because i cant cover it up with makeup.  Someone can talk to me and i flare up.  This is what i currently use

La roche posay Biomedic purifying wash.  The toleriane foaming creamy cleanser i just tried and my redness looked better but after a week i had huge painful cysts.  I ordered philosophy purity last week.

La roche posay Biomedic antibac protection at night

Paula choice bha 1% in the morning but i think it is causing more redness.  I just started using it 2 days ago trying to clear up my skin from the toleriane

clinique stay true foundation

I also take fish oil tablets and i do think they help with my flushing of my neck and chest  a little.  My derm is going to try vbeam on those areas too.  It was $450 for my face and it will probably cost me $700.00 this time because he will be including my neck and chest.  I an having a hard time affording it.  Tears.

I have broken caps on my cheeks, chin, nose and chest. 

Can someone help me get started with this skincare.  it is too confussing

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I have rosacea too so I know the problems.  The anti-inflammatory cream has done wonders for my skin. I use it twice a day.

I would start slowly by introducing one product at a time. I have been successful with this strategy and now I am using many of SAS' products. I will be introducing more in the future.

You need to find a gentle effective cleanser too.  SAS offers some good choices. You do not want to strip your skin because it will cause a flare.  Do not use anything with alcohol in it.

You also need to use a good SPF because sunlight can aggravate rosacea.

I never used Biomedic products so I cannot comment on them.

When I had vbeam, I had to stop exfoliating for a couple of weeks.  The BHA is an exfoliant so it may irritate your skin.

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