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Hi! I’m new to SAS and these forums. I’m excited about all of the information I can learn from Hannah and everyone here.

I wanted to post because I wanted some feedback about my skincare routines. Since poking around SAS, there are a few products I am interested in trying, but I’m worried that I’m just adding too much. Obviously I won’t know how my skin handles new products until I actually try them, but I was interested in this community’s feedback with what I’ve been doing so far. 

I’m 30, and my major skin concerns are:

  • Dry flaky skin, especially around the jawline and nose
  • Very large pores on cheeks
  • Hormonal, cystic acne on cheeks and chin that seems very dry (skin flakes around each spot) and can take several weeks to a month to heal
  • Many clogged pores and otherwise inflamed spots that I wouldn’t quite classify as acne, though I’m not sure.
  • Deepening lines in naso labial folds (and forehead, though those I don’t mind as much for some reason)

Here are my current routines:


CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser
Toner (mostly water and apple cider vinegar)
B5 Serum
C+E Serum 


CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser
Afirm 1x retinol cream (every other day)

I should say also that I don’t really know that this routine I’ve got is doing much for me. I haven’t seen any benefits from the retinol cream, but I keep using it in hopes that it will show results at some point (I’ve been using it regularly for about 3 months). The C+E Serum does work brilliantly in fading sun spots, so I want to keep that. The cleanser is good for my skin, which with other cleansers has a tendency toward redness and dryness. I read that ACV was good as a toner, and it seems to be fine though I have obviously no way of telling if it is balancing my skin’s pH or anything that it claims to do. B5 is ok at moisturizing though the serum I got (Dermaquest) feels rather sticky and doesn’t seem to absorb for quite awhile. Not sure if this matters or not.

I’m very interested in the Collagen Serum and ELS Serum. Would it be too much/redundant to add them in? Should I cut out the B5 in favor of ELS? I guess I’m just concerned with doing way too much, but I also want every benefit available for my skin. I’m also looking at the ZIT ender just as an as-needed product.

Thanks in advance for your input. I really appreciate it!




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The Collagen serum is never redundant, I even started mixing it in with my body lotion. I don't know what's in your B5 serum, but the ELS from here is a top notch product. If you're not seeing results from the retinol you're currently using, try a sample of the Vitamin A cream from here. I like it even better than the actual tretinoin cream (Retin-A) that I've tried. For me, it's just as effective, but doesn't cause the irritation & peeling that will discourage me from sticking with using the Retin-A. Actually, it being gentler makes it more effective, because I actually keep using it. I like CeraVe, I use their SPF 30 sunscreen over the top of my SA routine during the day.
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