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Skin health and science. Your Skin Actives e-newsletter.

June 2005 - Issue #3.



We hope you will enjoy this newsletter.  If you do not wish to receive further issues, please reply to this email with "Unsubscribe" in the subject line, and we will take you off our list straight away.  If you would like this newsletter to reach other people, please feel free to forward it to them or send us a note at with their email addresses. Thanks!



*Skin Actives News:

Please see our completely revamped website: no typos (!), better grammar (!!), many new ingredients (!!!) and the option to buy directly through the website at a slightly lower price than when buying via Ebay (Ebay charges listing fees and commission). We are looking forward to your comments.


Coming soon: Canvas by Skin Actives, to save you time (and money) looking for a lotion/cream to which you can add our ingredients, we will soon start selling our own basic lotion. An unscented “canvas” which you can use to create your own skin care masterpiece.


I. Product of the month: Boswellia serrata extract

This extract has been popularized as Boswelox™ by L’Oreal and its Wrinkle-de-crease but frankincense has been used to alleviate arthritis since biblical times. This is one of those rare occasions when there is good science behind the hype. Boswellic acids are a triterpenoid compounds present in Boswellia serrata. The common names for this plant include Indian frankincense, Indian olibanum, salai guggul.


Boswellic acids act via inhibition of 5-lipoxygenase, an enzyme that catalyses the two first steps in the oxygenation of arachidonic acid and its conversion into leukotrienes. Leukotrienes are involved in inflammation and hypersensitivity reactions that are important defense mechanisms but have also been implicated as mediators of hypersensitivity reactions and allergic conditions. Boswellic acids also inhibit leukocyte elastase, an enzyme that in its natural location (in neutrophils) is responsible for degrading foreign material but, when leaked to the surrounding medium, can damage surrounding tissues through proteolysis of elastin.


In short? Use Boswellia serrata extract for its anti-aging and anti-inflammatory activities, it will help preserve the structure of collagen and elastin and promote collagen synthesis.  


III. Your questions, our answers

Question from Loretta:

“I got my order today -- pomegranate oil and bioferment.  The pomegranate oil absorbs faster than any other oil that I have used -- amazing!  Even faster than jojoba oil which I use a lot. 

 I was reading the flyer that accompanied the products and I had a question.  It said not to mix idebenone with ascorbic acid cream.  So does this mean that I can't use a cream with vitamin c and then use a cream with idebenone -- as in layering.  Or should they just not actually be mixed together.  If I can't layer the two types of product at the same time (i.e. in the morning) then is it OK to use a vitamin c cream in the am and an idebenone cream in the pm?”


Answer: The vitamin C "warning" referred to our own ascorbic acid. A concentrated solution of ascorbic acid is fairly acidic and could interfere with other ingredients, so we suggest that clients do not mix ascorbic into their creams. But it is perfectly fine to "layer", or even to mix our ingredients into vitamin C creams, as most creams are not that concentrated in ascorbic and certainly not that acidic.


Question from Patty:

Dear Skin Actives, I plan on buying your idebenone and hyaluronic acid, possibly the rosehips oil as well. I wish I could buy all of your fantastic products! First, Please let me know what good the rosehips oil does for stretch marks? Also, What I would 'like' to do is to put together something like Skin Medica's 'TNS Recovery Complex,' and their 'Dermal Repair' for my face, and the 'Immobile Lines' product looks great. Bottom line, though I'm a young looking 52, I need to address facial and neck sagging, nasolabial lines, and eye area. Also stretch marks. I would greatly appreciate any more information you can give me in buying more of your products to use for my concerns. And what about the EGF? What is that?



Our alternatives to the products you mentioned are as follows:

TNS recovery complex: Coconut endosperm, EGF


TNS dermal repair: 1) ascorbic acid (you have to apply this one separately)

2) lipophilic antioxidants, aloe, seaweed bioferment, rosehip oil


Dermadoctor immobile (this product cannot do what they say it does)

Centella asiatica, lipophilic antioxidants



Please remember that you can buy our products on Ebay or directly from us at (at a slightly lower price). If you prefer to buy through Ebay, please remember to leave feedback, to help us grow and be able to stock more great Skin Actives.

We welcome your compliments and hope to learn from your criticism.
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