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So I have the KGF hair serum already but I only use it at night as it does leave a film on the hair, what I've been using in the day time is a spray mixture of 10ml aloe Vera gel, 20ml sea kelp bioferment, 5ml glycerin and 85 mls of rose water and a few drops of optiphen. I'd had made this to make my hair grow faster because of the sea kelp and its definitely working! I'd like to add KGF to this as well, just wondering any other beneficial actives for hair growth/stimulation & nourishment I could add in?

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That is very good news.

Have a look at our hair serum with KGF. You may need to add the amino acid booster, at least. Once you add everything I consider useful, your serum will leave a film on the hair too!

Maybe you could alternate with our hair serum, trying to get the serum to go to the saclp and not to the hair?
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