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I am in the process of a couple more ipl/photoderm treatments which is helping the flushing and burning greatly..But still getting some redness and little tiny bumps, Can I start this serum while doing ipl..I would think it would be OK, the goal being to keep the inflammation down.  How do I get started with these products. Does the rosacea serum go in a cream or lotion or just on my face. Or could someone point me to a good discussion on getting started. I have a lotion I use, doesn't make anything worse, but doesn't seem to do anything, I am so dry I can't smile fully...yeah!  Thanks for the help

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Hello there,

I used the Rosacea Serum, Anti Inflammatory Cream, and Restoration cream during my IPL treatments, and I think they helped.  I would either do Restoration Cream alone, Anti Inflammatory Cream alone, or layer the serum with the Anti Inflammatory Cream. 

The Rosacea Serum is applied first, before any creams.  I am not sure about layering an oil with the serum and a cream, but I usually add a few drops of either ELS Serum or Emulator oil to my dollop of cream (on fingertips), blend, then apply to a slightly damp face (again, either alone or after the Rosacea Serum).  Actually, I like applying everything to a slightly damp face; it seems to absorb better, and just feels nicer.

Another wonderful thing to do would be to make your own hydrating serum to apply to clean skin (then serum, then cream/oil).  Let me see if I can find the thread and recipe.  It involves water, hyaluronic acid, and some preservative.  I added some sodium pca to make it even more moisturizing.  For 2 TB of the serum below, I think I added about 10 or so drops.

Here's an excerpt from Bellamermaid; you can find the thread under the Rosacea Resources forum, or do a search with "cooling" and "fortifying" as the key words.  The thread is called my recipe for a cooling and fortifying rosacea serum.
"With regards to the water/HA serum, I have to confess that I fly by the seat of my pants on that one. I usually start with about 2 Tablespoons of distilled water. Then I start adding HA a pinch at a time, letting it rest in between. You will be able to guage how much extra water is required. It is up to you how 'syrupy' you want to make it.

I use 3 drops of preservative. I really have no idea if this is enough, so others may be able to help you with that one. If you make a small batch and keep it in the fridge, you may decide not to use preservative."

I know there seem to be a lot of posts, but if you have time, do scroll through all the rosacea ones.  It took me a few days at work, but I did it!  And, I had a Word document open, so anytime I came across something I liked, I would cut and paste into my document; I got about five pages worth of information.

Good luck!

Cathy=) *Rosacea*
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