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A few years ago a dermatologist diagnosed me with lichen simplex chronicus. That's a thickening of the skin that leads to itching, that leads to scratching, that keeps the skin abnormally thick. I get it in the genital region, where I understand it it common due to sensitive and thin skin. If it gets very itchy, it interferes with my sleep, and if it's really bad, I might scratch involuntarily at night.

The dermatologist's solution is to use cortisone cream as needed, despite that this is a long-term issue that comes and goes. Is there anything that is as good at getting an itch to go away that I could use before sleeping? Calamine did not do the job.

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ELS and Dream Cream may be a good combo. Rosehip seed oil also (but I think that is in ELS!)

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Originally Posted by beeks
ELS and Dream Cream may be a good combo. Rosehip seed oil also (but I think that is in ELS!)

I would think something to deaden the itch first.  Some sort of local anaesthetic?  Your pharmacist will be able to help there. Maybe then you could put something like anti inflammatory cream with ELS over that?  Don't know, but I'd be pretty sure you need to kill the itch first.......

carol bates

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It is important to understand that there is no infectious agent here. It is the itching that leads to scratching and it is a self-perpetuating situation. You can talk to your doctor about possible solutions.  You may have allergies that contribute to the itching, and there are OTC medications that help with that.

I think allergy is the first suspect when it comes to itching. Please talk to your MD, you need a long-term solution for the problem and cortisone cream is not a long term solution.

As usual with postings that need an MD, I will lock the thread. Thanks for your understanding.

From our consultant: look for a vulva specialist, they have them in tertiary care centers like University of Michigan or Mayo clinic.

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