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Hi lovelies!

I've searched the threads and have found a little info on sun protection in general, but am hoping for some more guidance pertaining to lips, specifically.

Getting sun protection for the lips seems a bit unique in that
a) lips have no oil glands ---> more prone to getting chapped than most dermal tissue.

b) location, function of mouth ---> you're probably gonna ingest some of what you put on your lips.

These factors lead to the desire for something that is moisturizing, adheres to lips well, is safe to ingest minimal amounts of (as far as we can tell), and helps protect the lips from the sun.

Any ideas about an actives that would help accomplish these things?

Thanks and have a fantastic day!


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good question, looks like you didn't get any responses.  I'm also looking for the same.  Sunscreen in a daytime lip balm is a prerequisite for me.  BUT...I love the SAS lip treatment I just made and am not sure how to work it into my daytime regime.  Balm w/sunscreen can't really go on top, because my treatment is too gooey.  If I put the sunscreen on the bottom, will it block my treatment from getting into my lips?


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Our lip trio is fantastic. There may be some UV protection by the antioxidants, but we did not test for SPF so we can't promise any protection.

I suggest you use the lip trio at your convenience to provide all-around health, and some OTC lip balm with UV protection with a specified SPF.

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