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I more or less stopped recommending liquorice extract a while ago. Liquorice is one of the nicest extracts around: skin brightener, anti-inflammatory and antiviral. BUT, it is a red powder that is hard to formulate and the chemicals in the extract interact with others in the cream or lotion, changing color and smell after a few days. The way around this is to dissolve the extract in alcohol and add it at "label value" concentrations.

After a lot of searching, I found an extract that had been prepared in a different way and the result is that it contains the actives (like glizyrhizic acid and glabidrin) we want but the chemicals responsible for  the formulation problems have been removed. I tested it and after two weeks the Canvas cream containing this liquorice extract is still white. I also tested it for activity. I had an allergic reaction and the skin in my forearm was itchy and red. Instead of going for the cortisone, I applied some of my Canvas + liquorice and after a few minutes the inflammation was gone.

We will start selling the new extract in a few days and will discontinue the colored one.


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Liquorice Extract (white)

5 gm


Please refresh your browser before purchasing. If you purchase at the old price we will send you an additional PayPal invoice for the difference in price. This extract is much more expensive than our colored liquorice.

We welcome your compliments and hope to learn from your criticism.
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