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This is my second time making my own lotion. My ingredients: Canvas base, hyaluronic acid, idebenone, carnosine, vit A, kelp, anti ox booster, fragrance. I did the allergy test for each individual item, and with all combined, and the vit C serum, and the collagen serum - no reaction. For 2 days I started my morning with the vit C serum and collagen serum, followed by the above lotion, and only the lotion at night. Then for 2 days I skipped the vit C because it burned a little. After my shower on day 5, I had some peeling skin. The new skin feels soft and smooth, but I'm not sure I should be peeling. I'm using only the lotion for now. I don't know if it's the Vitamin C serum or the Collagen serum or my lotion, but something is just not right. My skin feels great, but everything burns a little around the eyes. And crow's feet are what I'm trying to improve (along with the 11 above my nose, and the wrinkles around my mouth).  BTW, I'm 60 and used Oil of Olay twice daily from about 20 to about 40, then I got lazy and didn't use it every day. I kind of abused my skin for the next 20 years by not moisturizing and not using sunscreen. I'm not expecting miracles, but a little improvement would be nice. Suggestions?


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There is more than allergy. The acidity of the Vitamin C serum may be causing a peel.

Idebenone can be allergenic and you may be having an allergic reaction.

Our products work, but allergy (or peeling) will obscure the picture. You need to wait.

At present, I would stop everything until the picture clears up a bit, although ELS serum could help. If you don't have ELS serum (or rosehip oil) maybe you could use some first quality olive oil or similar. But give your skin a chance to say what it is trying to say before you continue with such a complex treatment.

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there are many organic recipes available you can search for your skin type. You can also use the natural products for your burning skin. I had problem with my wrinkles and dry skin and now its cured as i tried image skincare products and this is a suggestion for you from my side. Hope it will help you.

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I have extremely dry skin can you please suggest me something that I can apply before going out in sun to smoothen my skin as well as to protect it from UV rays.

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Hi Jordan, 

The only thing that protects the skin from UV rays is sunscreen. We have an SPF 30. It does provide some moisture, but you may still need to put a something on before the SPF if you are extremely dry. I suggest Every Lipid Serum. It is one of our best products for very dry skin. After it soaks in, you can apply the SPF. 
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