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Skin health and science. Your Skin Actives e-newsletter.

May 2005 - Issue #2.



We hope you will enjoy this newsletter.  If you do not wish to receive further issues, please reply to this email with "Unsubscribe" in the subject line, and we will take you off our list straight away.  If you would like this newsletter to reach other people, please feel free to forward it to them or send us a note at with their email addresses. Thanks!



A good and inexpensive tool in skin care is the Olay Daily Facials Cleansing Cloths With Beta Hydroxy.   Salicylic acid is an excellent exfoliant, plus it has anti-inflammatory and comedolytic properties. NOTE: Skin Actives is


I am still surprised at how good the Conair hair remover is, because the idea behind it is very simple. The rotating disc has the texture of sandpaper (and it probably is sandpaper). After several passes, you end up with hairless, exfoliated skin, and you are very unlikely to ever again get ingrown hairs. At about $20, it is a bargain for what it does. NOT for use on the face or tender skin (I only use it on my legs). Another tip: remember to thoroughly moisturize the skin after using it and, if your skin gets itchy, do NOT scratch:  an inexpensive (about $7) but useful solution is Solarcaine burn relief extra spray (with lidocaine and aloe vera).  


***Product of the month: Idebenone

This analog of Coenzyme Q10 is not just an antioxidant but it can help with mitochondrial function and, therefore, with energy production by the skin cells. This is why idebenone is advertised as anti-aging: mitochondria aged earlier than the rest of the cells.  You can pay $110 for one ounce of 1% cream containing 1% idebenone (or $90 for 0.5%), or you can make 4 ounces of 1% cream by using pure idebenone by Skin Actives for a fraction of that price.

Idebenone is "used patented", i.e. you can only buy a skin care product containing idebenone from the companies who are paying a licensing fee to the patent holder, or, if you are a wise Skin Actives client, you can add idebenone to your favorite cream or lotion and get the same benefits for a fraction of the cost.


***Your questions, our answers

**Question from Laraine: “O.K.  So I mixed the alpha lipoic acid with my body lotion (and kept part unmixed as a "control").  I applied the alpha lipoic mixture only to right arm and right leg. I have done it 3 times.  All three times, after  a few hours, my skin smells like I got a perm... and only on the right side.   or like sulfur.   What is that?  It does not wash away, either.   Yugh............”


Answer: Lipoic acid has the atom sulfur in it, in the form of –SH, and this is why it works. You are the first person to complain about the smell so you may have a more sensitive nose. On the other hand, it means that the lipoic acid is active and is working. The reason why we sell lipoic acid in such a large quantity is because 5% is the highest concentration used in creams, but there is no reason whatsoever why you couldn't use much less than what you are using and still have good effects. I always recommend to add a little, see how you like it, and add some more.   My suggestion to you now? Mix this super concentrated alpha lipoic acid cream with an inexpensive lotion until you get to a lotion that is still pleasant to your nose.


**Question from Cinnamon. “I recently bought your product [note from the editor: sea kelp bioferment].  I would like to know if it would help with fine lines under the eyes?  What other benefits does  it have?  Feel free to interject any other tidbits from this product and what it has done for you!”


Answer: Many of our ingredients will help with fine lines. The sea kelp bioferment
will help by supplying nutrients that your skin was not getting in sufficient
quantities (number of blood vessels reaching the dermis decreases with age), allowing it to synthesize collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid and everything else healthy skin should be making.
If you do not have acne problems, another ingredient you could try is
rosehip oil. Also, ascorbic acid will do a lot for you skin. I do not want
to give you a long list because you will think I am pushing you to buy more ingredients,
but read the descriptions in our web page ( and make your
own decision.


Important note: I am a believer in chemical peels, both the slow, light peels (alpha hydroxy acids and/or salicylic acid) and the fast. painful ones (TCA, Jessner). We do not sell the ingredients for peels because if you get the concentration wrong you can really hurt yourself, and unless you are a chemist who prepares solutions every day, it is a bad idea to play with acids.  You can use ascorbic acid to accelerate exfoliation and help with fine lines but that is not a “real” peel. For a TCA or Jessner peel, go to a licensed esthetician you trust and who uses good quality products. After a deep peel, you will be needing moisturizers, epidermal growth factor, coconut endosperm, plenty of antioxidants and rosehip oil.


Skin Actives will soon start selling a bioferment rich in proteases which should provide a good superficial peel, while providing valuable nutrients.


***Skin Actives news:

We are growing!!!  Please look at our products web page to see our new ingredients, including the very popular idebenone, niacinamide and sea kelp bioferment, and useful diffusers to get the best use out of Skin Actives essential oils (yes, you can kill viruses and bacteria with essential oils) .


***Coming soon: you will be able to buy directly from our web page using Paypal (now you have to email us with your wish list).


***Please remember that you can buy our products on Ebay or directly from us (at a slightly lower price). If you prefer to buy through Ebay, please remember to leave feedback, to help us grow and be able to stock more great Skin Actives.

We welcome your compliments and hope to learn from your criticism.
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