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I have been having recurrent dark patches on my face scattered in an uniformed pattern all over my face especially my cheeks. My sister recently ordered your skin Brightening cream but after 2+ weeks usage all it did was lighten my face and the melasma shows darker. What do I do. I've got niacinamide and glucosamine and I heard they might work. I want to whip up a 100g lotion, what measurements of each can I use. I'm soooo desperate please, at my place of work I was given suspension to go clear up my skin cos I work in an ad firm and clients complain of how I look

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Our skin brightening cream can't darken melasma, but many other things can. You cannot attribute a worsening of melasma to our product. Heat and sun and hormones and even light can do that. Melasma is an incredibly tricky condition.

Please see a dermatologist. 

If you think that our products are not good for you, maybe they are not.  Your dermatologist can prescribe strong products with ingredients we don't use.

Sorry we couldn't help you.
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