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We sometimes have to edit some posts. Most of the time we eliminate external links, sometimes we edit content. Here are some rules we use:

1) Medical advice, alternative medicine -
We have a very low threshold for editing these posts. We cannot verify the validity of medical advice and do not wish this site to be a place where medical advice is given or sought. This extends to advice for supplements and alternative medicinal products, remedies, and preparations.

2) Competitors -
This is a tricky one. We know sites that have some of our products at lower prices and we sometimes recommend them. On the other hand we sometimes eliminate links and references to direct competitors based on the specific circumstance.

3) Yucky stuff -
Some things are too personal or off topic. We sometimes delete stuff just to keep things tidy and nice.

There are approximately 7,000 posts in this forum. We have removed links from around a handful and deleted another handful. That's not too bad. Please note that we are biased: We like Skinactives. There are other forums that can be considered more impartial. Please note though that we will always give factual advice on the science behind the products, we will not compromise in order to get more sales.

I am sorry that we do not give prior notice prior to editing. I will ask the team to make sure they put in a note at the top of the message that makes it clear it has been edited.

We welcome your compliments and hope to learn from your criticism.
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