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I have come to realise that a moisturizer is key to helping my seb derm, but am a bit confused over what to be using. My skin is super sensitive, with my seb derm redness making it hard to pinpoint exactly what is more/less inflammatory, but i have found that pure natural oils leave me with less irritation than store bought moisturizers.

I currently use jojoba oil but am still left with some redness, either from it or the seb derm. jojoba contains around 10% oleic acid (wikipedia) which in theory would be a negative influence, but is also said to have fungicidal properties which i take it would help keep the numbers of yeasts down, and anti inflammatory properties (as discussed in this forum). but then there is fractionated coconut oil which has had oleic acid removed (wikipedia), so in theory it should reduce irritation, but it leaves me slightly redder.

I am just very confused and at a loss with this condition. does anyone have any ideas what moisturizer I could use? i am currently just cleansing twice a day by running tepid/warm water over my face for a few minutes, as i have found many cleansers to be more irritating.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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I suggest you try our anti-inflammatory cream.

If you are cleaning your skin too often, the cleaning becomes another source of stress.


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How do you wash off makeup or sunscreen with just water? Also if you are using any good sas products they won't penetrate through to your skin unless it is freshly cleaned, ( without any sunscreen or makeup or dirt)., I'm just curious how you handle this?

Liz G.
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