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edit: Hannah, I'm sorry that I appear to have offended by prefacing my request for advice with a description of my medical conditions (for which I am under the care of an allergist and a dermatologist).  I will delete this inappropriate information and check my other posts to make sure I haven't said anything like this anywhere else.  Thanks for the advice about product reintroduction - it confirms the advice of my derm, which you'll be relieved to know I was in the midst of following.

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It is practically impossible to tell what you are allergic to by looking at an ingredient list. For example, why do you assume that our pomegranate extract contains protein? Also, jojoba oil is mostly wax, not oil.

You may have to stop using the products for a couple of weeks and then re-introduce them one by one, leaving at least a week to see whether they cause the effects you report.

"Mistaken identity" can lead people to stop eating stuff that is good for them, so that they end up excluding  so much from their diet so that they end up with vitamin deficiency or malnutrition. Yes, it happens.

If you suspect an allergy, talk to your doctor about how to identify the culprit.

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