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Greetings.  I just received my order from SAS and I opted to use the Anti-Inflammatory cream as a night cream.  For those of you who use it, how do you use it?  Do you use it every day?  Do you feel it mositurizing enough?  It includes jojoba oil so I figured no need to use anything else.  As a moisturizer I currently use HA with a bit of ESL on top (love it) how would I work the cream into this regime?

I also bought the pumpkin enzime/peel (sorry if I got the name wrong Im using a pc away from home so not much time on the internet).  How do you guys use it?  I know most people use it once or twice a week but do you need to do anything after using it?

Thanks so much for the help.


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I don't use the pumpkin peel at this time but I do use the anti-inflammatory cream.  It has made a big difference in my skin. I use this cream twice a day over my serums.  I put sunscreen over it during the day. I have dry, sensitive skin so I put shea buttter over the cream at night. When I am very dry, I put ELS over the shea butter.

I just got the new rewind cream.  I put the rewind cream over the serum and under the anti-inflammatory cream.  The rewind cream has not caused any problems.  I have just been doing this a few days.  I think my skin is looking even better.  
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