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Hi Guys!  The extremely nice and helpful Jonatan added a new topic heading for those who suffer with Seborrheic Dermatitis...THANK YOU Jonatan (and Hannah too!)

I realize many of you have been posting threads on this website for months, and may be tired of responding to some of us (new) people's questions...but please bear with us.  If you are a patient person we appreciate your responses!  I've been spending numerous hours every week searching old postings to find answers to my questions, but they usually pertain to people who have one skin condition, instead of having both Rosacea and Seborrheic Dermatitis.  I noticed a response from one person who has both skin conditions, but it would be great to hear from more then one person.  I also realize the same product can effect everyone differently who has the same skin conditions, BUT the more people we hear from, the easier it is to see patterns so we can come to an informed decision about products we want to try or use.  Trying anything and everything isn't affordable for everyone, LOL!  Anyway...

I'd love to hear from multiple people who have both Seborrheic Dermatitis and Rosacea.  I've been using SAS's Cleanser and the Rosacea Control Serum.  I think the Cleanser has been fine.  I don't feel as dry as I used to, although I still have red bumps.  I think the Rosacea Control Serum has helped calm down some of my redness, but I think my Seborrheic Dermatitis has gotten much worse.  I haven't had all-over facial flakiness in years (since my Seb Derm began 20 years ago), and now I have massive flakiness everywhere on my face since I began using the Rosacea Control Serum.  The reason I post is because I'm hesitant to stop using the serum because it's somewhat helped ease the redness, so I'm wondering if other people who suffer from both of these skin conditions have experienced an increase in Seb Derm flakiness while using the Rosacea Control Serum?

I don't know if the problem could be the EGF or the Sea Kelp Bioferment?  It's a shame we can't run a trial with a few people who suffer from both conditions using the product minus these two products (or minus one product at at time).  Anyway, I'd love to hear from several sufferers of these two skin conditions.

Thank you very much!

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I am not an expert PLUS I am almost "incomunicada" in Argentina, so it is not easy for me to post.

Suggestions, anybody?




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Hi Kat-

I have both conditions as well; Your not alone!

I have to ask, what cleanser are you using?


Liz G.

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I posted in your other thread that I also suffered from both conditions (the rosacea is thankfully gone now) and had a similar problem when trying to use some of the serums and when I mixed up some creams.  You can read my answer in the other thread but, long story short, for me it was the Sea Kelp Bioferment.  As soon as I eliminated anything with that ingredient it was much better.


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Yeah, I have both conditions although the seb derm is quite mild (only my nose and eyebrows). I have just ordered the rosacea control serum as a treatment for the rosacea, but i will keep posted on how the seb derm reacts! I was really optimistic about the results before i stumbled upon this thread (grrr), but at least iv got some warning of what could happen lol. My current moisturiser is between jojoba or emu oil (whichever one I eventually find to block my pores least) and they are reported to be effective against seb derm, so maybe i could incorporate them with the RCS if there is a flare up.... Would this be possible, or would the fatty acids have any effect on the EGF and other ingredients in the RCS?

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