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Hello Everyone.  I have both Rosacea and Seb Dermatitis.  I realize studies suggest (but do not know for a fact) that people with Seb Dermatitis probably have issues with fungus and/or yeast, which is why we have massive skin flaking of the face (why not all over our body and just the face I'll never know).  In addition, people with Seb Dermatitis have skin cells that renew much too quickly, which is why we must stay away from products that speed up skin cell renewal.  (Again, I'll never understand why this problem only appears on the face and not the entire body).

I have never purchased SA products yet, but most people recommend I begin with the Rosacea Control Serum.  I'd normally agree, but the Rosacea Control Serum indicates it contains EGF, wherein EGF "increases the rate of skin renewal".  Wouldn't EGF be terrible for people who have both Rosacea and Seb Dermatitis then?

I'm so confused regarding what products I should order first?  I've read thread after thread, and posting after posting on this forum and it only makes me more confused.

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Only you can find out what works for you by trying it, because we're all so different.  I have Rosacea and Seborrheic Dermatitis and use Rosacea Control Serum every day.  It has not caused the SD to worsen.  Now, my SD areas are my eyebrows, one side of my nose, and in the hairline above one ear, and none of them see too much RCS on a regular basis, so bear that in mind. 

For the SD, I've found seakelp wonderful.  Really cleared things up for me.  But there are people posting here who felt it didn't help, or may have worsened their problem.  Like anything else, it's trial and error. 

For soothing the Rosacea (and no EGF), you might want to try the Marine Nutrient Serum.  If you don't have very dry skin, it might be all the moisture you need.  Even though it's winter, lately I've been pretty happy with a layer of RCS, followed by a drop of MNS mixed with Every Lipid Serum and patted on.  But that's me, and you'll have to experiment to see what works for you.  Go slowly, and introduce one new product at a time.
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