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I've read so much about sea kelp's ability to help so many with hair loss, volume, shine and general loveliness.  I purchased some but was curious what properties make this happen?

My reason for asking is I'm hypothyroid and sometime iron-deficient (because of it) and has caused some hair loss over the years.  I've always heard that taking kelp internally is not a good thing for thyroid issues.  Is it also true topically?  Any DHT issues?

Any other actives which may also help with intermittent shedding?

Thanks for any advice or feedback.


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According to an online article
Deep-sea kelp has excellent nutritional qualities. They send the vitalities of the sea kelp to a human body as an abundant source of nutrients. By weight, along with plant herbs, sea kelps are greater in vitamins and minerals than any other food. Sea kelps are one of nature's most fertile reservoirs of vegetable protein, and sea kelp provides full-spectrum densities of beta carotene, chlorophyl, enzymes, amino acids and fiber.

Any protein treatment to the hair will work to fill in the breaks in the hair's cuticle. This will make the hair reflect more light and feel smoother. It cannot heal damaged hair (nothing but a haircut will "cure" damage, no matter what products claim!) but it can make it temporarily stronger and shinier and may prevent future damage.

My pop has thyroid problems and he was told to avoid Kelp. I think as a topical treatment it should be fine.

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There are several things that I don't like in that quote. The language tries to sound scientific but it is mostly meaningless. "Full spectrum densities"? "Fertile reservoir"?  "Vialities of the sea kelp"?

I prefer to stick to scientific text books and Wikipedia does a great job on most scientific subjects.

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