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I don't think it touches my skin. I put a tablespoon in the soap compartment. I imagine that, by the time laundry is done (with two rinses), the sodium percarbonate is all gone. Besides, I'm not an all natural person. I use natural if it works better, but if natural doesn't work well, I'll go chemical. My clothes feel a lot better with the olive soap-sodium percarbonate combo than with commercial soap with enzymes.

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Yes I am talking about plain SOAP NUTS, the actual de-seeded berry from the Sapindus Tree. Just ONE ingredient - you put 4 or 5 of them into a muslin bag and throw them in with your laundry. Each muslin bag can be reused for 4 or 5 loads of laundry before the soap nuts go into your compost and you throw some fresh soap nuts into the muslin bag for the next 4-5 loads.


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Saponins can be toxic and allergenic.

Forget about natural=benign. Nature is NOT there to serve us.

Most of my family is allergic to the enzymes used in cold-wash detergents (eczema, bad!). You can buy detergents without enzymes and/or dyes and do two rinses.

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