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I already love seakelp for my skin but didn't know it had magical hair properties too!


my unruly mop of long curly hair tangles something terrible and no conditioner or detangler i have ever tried has helped. after washing, i have to hack away at it with my vent brush, no doubt causing major breakage.


but yesterday i applied a little seakelp after hacking and noticed it smoothed and defined the curls, which was nice. then today when i wet it before washing, it felt so silky and knot-free. and when i brushed it there were almost no tangles.


this is a first for me - i've dealt with the knots since i was a kid and dreaded having my hair washed. it occurs to me that this could be a huge help for parents whose little ones get tangles too.


yet another reason to love SAS!


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You gotta love sea kelp

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