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I am 56 with oily skin.  I have Rosacea and a couple of spots of seborrheic dermatitis on my scalp.  Thanks to Hannah and the development of new products over the last 4 years of my using Skin Actives, I have found some relief.
To cleanse, I use No Nonsense Cleanser followed by the Salicylic Wash, to which I have added 1/2 teasp Salicylic Acid (Willow Bark Extract) per 4 oz. bottle.  After cleansing, I apply Rosacea Serum, to which I have added 1/2 teasp of Salicylic Acid, 1/8 teasp Niacinamide and 1/8 teasp Ferulic Acid per 4 oz. bottle.  On top of the serum, I use Coffee Cream.  I cannot use sunscreens, so I use mineral makeup, which I have used for 15 years.  I use custom recipes around my eyes, which are not the issue of this forum thread.
I no longer have the redness, spider veins and breakouts I did spring and summer 2011.  I have started using the Rosacea Serum (with additions mentioned above) on the seb derm on my scalp this last month.  Along with the Wen shampoo/conditioner, my scalp is doing MUCH better and breaks out very rarely.  Hope this is able to help someone.

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That's great news!

Wen is not a magic formulation, you could do better.  Make sure you try using our sea kelp bioferment as conditioner.
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