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After getting my package from my husband last night. I was finally able to begin. 
The recipe: 
Canvas Cream-4 oz
Shea Mousse- 1 oz
Sea Kelp Coral-2 oz (the whole kit, basically)
Green Tea/Caffeine-2 tsp
Niacinamide-2 tsp
Coffee Berry-1 gram
Vegetable Glycerin- 1/2 tsp
Antiox Booster-7 drops
(organic food grade) Lavender EO-7 drops
Young Living's Gentle Baby EO blend-7 drops
Rose Water-7 drops

I don't know why I was worried. It was very easy to mix everything. I just had to be patient & mix, mix, mix if something didn't blend easily. (I'm talking to you; Green Tea & Sea Kelp Coral!) Anyway, now I have enough cream for my chest & backs of my hands also. Maybe enough to share with my husband also. I still have a ton of antiox booster left, so I experimented & added 3 drops to my usual home made face spritz. Which is 4 oz R/O water, 1 tsp vegetable glycerin, 16 drops rose water, 4 drops EO. The glycerin does help it blend in, you just have to remember to shake well! I will have to explain to my SO (he reaches for this spritz more than I do), so he doesn't end up with a nice spattering of orange on his face....or maybe I won't, ha. That would serve him right for running off with my package, lol. 

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I still felt like my formula needed a bit more, after using it for a while. I ended up getting: 
2.Coconut Endosperm

Everything blended well, except the ceramides. I know what I did wrong though. I was too stingy with the amount of oil I used to dissolve them overnight. I was hoping a night in the cream would help them dissolve, but to know avail. This leaves my formula slightly grainy but still in great working order. The undissolved ceramides don't interfere with makeup application either. My skin does well with all the actives. I do feel a slight tingling when I first apply the cream, but there isn't any redness or itching, so I'm not concerned.

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For clients dealing with ceramides, leave the ceramides in the oil (we use rosehip) overnight but check that the ceramides have dissolved before adding the mix to a cream.
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