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I've been experimenting with some actives from SAS and I thought I would share some of my successes/failures so far in case anyone else has similar skin issues.  I have extremely sensitive skin, a tendency toward seborrheic dermatitis on my forehead and cheeks and easily triggered perioral dermatitis.  These conditions have been diagnosed by a doctor.

Because my skin is so sensitive, I introduce one ingredient at a time and test it for about 10 days before making a decision, unless I experience irritation right away in which case I discontinue use sooner.  Whenever my skin becomes irritated I take 5 or 7 days off from actives and used nothing other than aloe and Cetaphil.

Here are some of the actives I have tried and what they did for me:
Green tea with EGCG: Two thumbs up.  No irritation with this one and no worsening of seb derm.  In fact, slight improvement.
Anti-ox booster: Another two thumbs up.  No irritation here.
Licorice: This worked well on areas of seborrheic dermatitis.  I found it to be calming.  Unfortunately when I used it the perioral area became itchy so I had to avoid using it there.
Rosehip seed oil: Another two thumbs up.  In small amounts made my skin feel moisturized and caused no irritation.
Dermagen: Within two days the skin on my cheeks became itchy and began to sting.  Seborrheic dermatitis worsened.  Not sure why.  The leftover works very well in my body lotion though.
Beta Glucan: I experienced mild itching and increased seb derm when I added this.  Again, I can't explain it.  But I really like the effects in my body lotion.
Phytosterols: Inconclusive.  I saw initial improvement and no irritation with this, followed by itching and seb derm after a week.  I'm going to try reintroducing this another time to see if something else was causing those results.
Sea kelp: The most mystifying of all.  Felt great on my skin but appeared to cause my seb derm to explode.  I couldn't believe this so I actually reintroduced it after several weeks off and experienced the same results.  When I used it in my shampoo I also developed seb derm on my scalp.  Works really well in my body lotion though.  I wish someone could explain why this didn't work for me.

What I am using right now then, is a face cream in which I mix 2 drops of anti-ox booster, 3 drops rosehip, and slighly under 1/8 tsp green tea in three pumps worth of Neutrogena Oil-free Moisture for Sensitive Skin, and then I fill to the top of a 1 oz container with 98% pure aloe gel and stir.  It seems to be working well.  I am also experimenting with adding the decyl glucoside to aloe as a cleanser and I like this too (but have only used for a few days).  Finally, I now have a killer body lotion of canvas + sea kelp + everything that didn't work out on my face.

For my next order I am thinking of trying boswellia serrata, bisalbalol, 4-ethoxybenzaldehyde, hyaluronic acid (just to break the dermagen down and see which component was giving me problems), and andrographis paniculata.  I hope this was helpful for someone.

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this is the best post I've read on here! Sounds like we have almost exactly the same skin! I purchased the antioxidant serum and the collagen serum but it caused a flare up of my PD, so I'm going cold turkey off any products at all until it clears up and my skin clears and strengthens Itself again.

My fail safe moisturizer is neutrogena oil free sensitive as well!!

I'm curious, since you last posted here, what is your current SAS active line up? Do you add them to your neutrogena? I want to keep my ingredient list as short as possible (fewer ingredients = less chance of irritation) but I want to add actives for anti ageing and antioxidants.

Really hope to hear from you and that your skin is doing well!
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