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.... and for the environment.

What is the connection between the Chinese pangolin (Manis pentadactyla) and health? If you practice some types of traditional medicine you may believe that the scales of this endangered wild animal can cure asthma or improve kidney function.

If you are a biologist, you may see the Chinese pangolin, a mammal, as the intermediate carrier of the coronavirus that (probably) originated in bats and is now expanding its reign among humans.

When you choose between science and not science, your choice may matter to others besides you. Just like with vaccines.

Choose science. Plus, the pangolin has as much rights to survival as we do.

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"What is the connection between the Chinese pangolin (Manis pentadactyla) and health?" "Traditional medicine" was the one practiced by Buddhist monks and based on quite scientific principles. What current "traditional doctors" practice is based on a mixture of traditions that can be effective or deadly.

".... and for the environment."

The Chinese pangolin can be seen as an intermediate vector of the coronavirus in its maximum evolution. Perhaps the matter should be viewed from a health perspective. Cut the coronavirus expansion with isolation of the patients, detection of healthy carriers, development of treatments in humans and, on the other hand, the cutting of development in bats and pangolins. If something can be learned from life, it will always try to develop and survive as much as possible.

Life chooses its own lines of development, follows some and discards others. Or do we ignore that dinosaurs inhabited "our" planet several million years before mammals adapted to the environment better than others. The pangolin in the face of evolution has no right ... neither do we.

Choosing between science and not is like going back to Galen. Received from a doctor in Pergam, he said "I don't know anything about medicine" he took the roll and put it under his arm. He dedicated himself to tour the great medical schools of his time. He end up being a doctor of emperor Marco Aurelio.

He developed several concepts that supported the basic pharmaceutical operations that deal with the manipulations of the processes to ensure that an active principle is included in a dosage form. For example, lyophilization, spraying, mixing and compression to obtain a tablet.

He knew that Hippocrates used the artichoke as a treatment for the liver ... but at a rate of 30 kg per day for a year. There were few who endured the treatment.

He dried to make a paste with a little pure oil and got good results in 3 months. He said that there was an "active substance" in the alkaline powder despite being dried. Also the dose principle and, pressing the powder in the press, he made the first tablets and other things that still nourish the pharmaceutical as bioavailability.

Choose science as Galen ... or as Mirta.




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