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I was thinking of creating my own version of those water based nutrient mists for the face, the kind you spray throughout the day to freshen the face and/or to set mineral makeup. 


My potential ingredient list:


 - Distilled water (majority)

 - HA

 - Seakelp

 - Antiox

 - Nicinamide (to control some oil)


I'm thinking I will need to add preservative, right?  I would rather not use a preservative (in case it affects my rosacea)  but if I have to I will. 


If I dont use preservative, how long will this last in the fridge, a couple days or so?





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I know that some of our clients like to use rose water. If you buy it from a website that specializes in essential oils you will be fine (floral waters are a by-product of essential oil distillation).

You will have to use preservative, but maybe you could get away without it if you clean carefully your work table and everything you use. The container has to be VERY clean. And keep the containers in the fridge.

Do not add too much hyaluronic acid or you will end up with a gel.

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