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I had been using Rogaine for my eyebrows which I never really had.  Worked very well and filled them in completely.  Read about the KGF brow/lash here.  Jan Marini did not sell their serum anymore so I was looking for a replacement.  (Glad it went off the market with what I know now)  So I used it on my lashes and thought why not start using it for my brows as well?  Not only did I not see any results with my lashes, my eyebrows totally thinned out again after a couple of months.  Been back on Rogaine for a few months and brows are now back to fairly thick again.

I have been having hair loss partly because of damage from overprocessing but mostly very long hairs coming out in wads (like 10-15 at a time) when I wash my hair.  My tub keeps clogging because of it.  I suspect it could be from a certain med I take that can have that side effect although I have been taking it for years and have not had it  this bad.  I thought perhaps it was because I had increased dosage.

Anyhoo, if the KGF did not work on my brows and lashes, is it unlikely to work on my hair loss on my head?  Any other supplements I could add to my shampoo to help this probelm in case the KGF is not successful?


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I would guess not. If there is a physiological problem that only Rogaine can solve, then you will have to use Rogaine.

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